Introducing the Haniwa 20-20 SuperWoofer System

The World’s First Full Range, Time-Aligned Audio System

Save $2,000 and receive 2 Free Subwoofers*

Haniwa Audio pioneered frequency and phase independant control by developing technology to reproduce music accurately in both the phase (time) and frequency (amplitude) domains. We call this the 20-20 system because both response curves are flat from 20Hz all the way to 20KHz. What this means is the most accurate music reproduction ever achieved in a full range home audio system. You instantly recognize that it sounds like live music in 3D, with performers only steps away from your listening chair. Try it in your own home risk free with our 30 day no questions asked, money-back guaranty .

… Now you can also hear in 20-20 … with Haniwa.

*Limited time only

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Robert Bean
Phone: +1-508-982-4701