The Current Circuit generated by ultra-low impedance cartridges requires extremely tight control of all the impedance sources of a CURRENT LOOP CIRCUIT. This is extremely difficult to achieve with conventional LP players and requires that the signal chain be considered as an entire playback system rather than as an assembly of individual voltage circuit components. Even very expensive analog playback components are not compatible with the tight control necessary for a Current Loop Circuit to function optimally.

The HTAM01 tonearm floats on a special composition of magnetic fluid. It is perfectly free in all 6-axes, with no mechanical constraints such as the bearings or wire suspension supports used in other tonearm designs. The Turntable must have no vibration and extremely accurate rotation. The cartridge needle picks up the signal from the LP groove through mechanical contact. The actual force is transferred along path of: Cartridge Needle-> Cartridge Body -> Tonearm Shaft Joints -> Tonearm Base -> Turntable Base -> Platter -> LP Record.

It is important that no vibration is introduced in this long mechanical path. Therefore, we designed the path to be as short as possible, so that sucient stiness of the system is achieved.

First of all, we use an Oil-Float structure for tonearm support. Then, we place a special Elastomer Mat between the Tonearm Base and the Platter. Lastly, we place an anti-vibration sheet between the platter and a Disk, composed of two layers of elastomer, with a 9mm thickness.

ThePlayer uses a belt drive to isolate motor vibration from the platter. To maximize rotation accuracy, the motor is located under the platter as close to the spindle center as possible, minimizing the belt length and reducing its mechanical path. The motor is driven by an accurate 20V AC power supply, set outside of the rotation assembly.

If you are considering the use of ultra-low impedance cartridges to bring your analog playback performance to the very best in fidelity, you need to try ThePlayer. We think you’ll agree that Haniwa will help you to extract the best in detail and sonics from your treasured LPs.