Listen to music you have loved your entire life on Haniwa,
and hear it as you never have before … For the first time.
Haniwa is the only stereo music system in the world to faithfully and completely
deliver the original musicians performance.


  • The Haniwa manages “top shelf” detail retrieval and superbly rendered transient response that’s not at all etchy or too sharp.Its spatial and dynamic performance was also right where I like it. The stage was vividly three-dimensional, generously sized and precise. Read more at AnalogPlanet.com.


  • “On “Marcel Dupré Organ Recital” (Mercury SR 90169) recorded in the St. Thomas’ Church in New York City all I can write is WOW! The MCCI/Haniwa combo produced an enormous three-dimensional space: tall, deep and wide within which was this diffuse sounding, air gushing monster capable of subterranean low fundamentals surprisingly cleanly rendered and distinctly heard and felt within the vast atmospheric expanse. I kept repeated “wow” as the fifteen minute side rolled on. Read more at AnalogPlanet.com