Listen to music you have loved your entire life on Haniwa,
and hear it as you never have before … For the first time.
Haniwa is the only stereo music system in the world to faithfully and completely
deliver the original musicians performance.


  • “I believe the unique pleasures of the Haniwa combination
    were more of an additive nature”

    “When you consider the price differential—the SAT tonearm alone costs more than the entire Haniwa system—this assemblage may just be what the doctor ordered. In fact, it definitely is.”  Read more at Stereophile Magazine.

    Stereophile Magazine

  • “The Haniwa Audio HSP01 speakers are probably as close to a single point source
    as you can get in high-end audio.”

    “The sound from the Haniwa Audio system was equally focused and clear, with plenty of dynamics and impact.” Read more at ParttimeAudiophile.com.


  • The Haniwa (HCTR01 Mark II) manages “top shelf” detail retrieval and superbly rendered transient response that’s not at all etchy or too sharp. Its spatial and dynamic performance was also right where I like it. The stage was vividly three-dimensional, generously sized and precise. Read more at AnalogPlanet.com.


  • “On “Marcel Dupré Organ Recital” (Mercury SR 90169) recorded in the St. Thomas’ Church in New York City all I can write is WOW! The MCCI/Haniwa combo produced an enormous three-dimensional space: tall, deep and wide within which was this diffuse sounding, air gushing monster capable of subterranean low fundamentals surprisingly cleanly rendered and distinctly heard and felt within the vast atmospheric expanse. I kept repeated “wow” as the fifteen minute side rolled on. Read more at AnalogPlanet.com