At Haniwa we believe that the definition of the perfect audio system is one that exactly and faithfully reproduces music.  No “coloration”, no “added bass” no “softening” of the sound.  Music must have all the energy, smoothness and creativity of the original performance … no exception.  Music should mimic the original artists performance itself in real time.

That’s why at Haniwa, we have worked for over 30 years to develop the worlds only system that exactly and faithfully matches the musicians performance.  When people hear Haniwa, they know instantly that it is very different and unlike any other stereo system they have heard.  Some people discount the system because of its unconventional look and small size or because it is not what they are used to hearing.  Many others, especially listeners who frequently listen to live music, appreciate the realism, beauty and simplicity of the Haniwa approach.

The technology behind the development of Haniwa is a fascinating study in perseverance toward a singular goal. As an engineer and medical doctor, Dr. Tetsuo Kubo spent his career developing new theories on sound, audio reproduction and how the brain processes what we hear.  He has applied that theory to Haniwa where in simple terms “the output is equal to the input” for both frequency and timing (phase) of the music sound wave.  What makes Haniwa very, very different from other systems is that in addition to a flat frequency response, Haniwa has a flat phase response as well.  With a flat phase response, music maintains its crispness and remains true to the original recording.  Two measurements define how closely “the output equals the input”, those measurements are step response and impulse response.  The Haniwa system has optimal step and impulse response curves in stark contrast to competitive products.  Another innovation unique to Haniwa is that all sound comes from a virtual point source with single driver speakers delivering a pinpoint Real 3D soundstage like nothing you have heard before.   The result is Haniwa Truesound.