Grab incredible fall savings on Haniwa’s ultra-low impedance cartridge (.4 or .2ohms) and current-to-voltage converter (CVC). This offer is for a limited time only!

HCTR01 MkII .4 ohm cartridge + HCVC (normally $14,000 now $10,000)

HCTR-CO .2 ohm cartridge + HCVC (normally $16,000 now $14,000)

“Through the Haniwa setup it was “you are there,” as I’d never heard it before. The piano sat solidly in three dimensions, the timbral balance, attack, sustain, and decay especially convincing” … “at one point Rubinstein hit some of the highest notes on the piano—the ones that produce that solid, woody “tinkly” sound that I know you are now hearing in your head. Those notes were rendered just about perfectly. I don’t believe I’ve ever before heard it so well”
– Michael Fremer, Analog Corner #310, May 25, 2021 Read more at Stereophile.

Listen to sample clips of the HCVC and Haniwa’s low impedance cartridge, click here

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