Haniwa Current to Voltage Converter and Ultra Low Impedance Cartridge

Haniwa’s New Current-to-Voltage-Converter (CVC01) is something brand new to audio that will dramatically improve the transparency, clarity and bass response of your favorite low impedance MC cartridge.  Try it yourself with your current cartridge or in combination with Haniwa’s HCTR01 Mark II .4 ohm wonder cartridge and save $4,000 for a limited time!

Listen to sample clips of the HCVC and Haniwa’s low impedance cartridge, click here

HCVC01: “The presentation was superfast, clean, transparent, and
transient-precise”.  Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Analog Corner, July 2020

HCTR01 MKII: “The Haniwa (HCTR01 Mark II) manages “top shelf” detail retrieval and superbly rendered transient response that’s not at all etchy or too sharp. Its spatial and dynamic performance was also right where I like it. The stage was vividly three-dimensional, generously sized and precise.” Read more at AnalogPlanet.

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