Haniwa advanced technology can be used to precisely digitize and remaster LP’s as high resolution digital files or CD’s.  Every Haniwa integrated amp has D/A and A/D converters that are easily used by a computer connected through USB to digitize LP’s, tapes or even to record live performances.

  • Precisely digitized and reproduced audio.
  • All the depth and dynamics of the original performance.
  • An incredibly detailed and authentic soundstage.

This is what we call Haniwa Truesound.

Experience Truesound

Experience Truesound for yourself, just download our Truesound Demo to experience Truesound in your Haniwa or other performance sound system. Right click on any of the clips below and save to your computer the 24/192 wav files. Then play the digital files on your high resolution audio system to hear the difference the Haniwa analog system makes.

Classical Music Clips

Brahmus Symphony No. 4
Mahler Symphony No. 3
Suite Espanola
The Planets

Organ Music Clips


Popular Music Clips

The Wild Wild West B

Rock Music Clips

John Cougar A
John Cougar B

Various Music Clips

Musique Grece Antique