Haniwa Current to Voltage Converter HCVC

It is widely accepted that Moving Coil, Low Impedance Cartridges produce some of the best sonics in audio.  Low impedance cartridges such as Haniwa’s HCTR01 Mark II and HCTR-CO MkII generate current, not voltage.  Because of this, they have always required a current sensing phono preamp to be compatible with other stereo equipment … until now.

Haniwa’s HCVC01 is the first component in the world designed for ultra low-impedance cartridges that creates a current loop on the cartridge side of the circuit and creates an MM input compatable voltage on the phono-stage side of the circuit.  This new groundbreaking product allows, for the first time, any high performance, low impedance cartridge to be used in any phono system system.  HCVC (Haniwa Current to Voltage Converter) works especially well with cartridges having an internal impedance of 1 ohm or lower.  These cartridges have better phase coherence and much better dynamics and speed when compared to higher impedance cartridges. Haniwa’s HCTR01 MarkII and new HCTR-CO MkII cartridges work incredibly well with the HCVC, allowing these 0.4 ohm and 0.2 ohm cartridges respectively to work in anyones stereo system.  Now with HCVC01, anyone can enjoy the best analog sound in their own home!

The HCVC sits in-between the current domain of the low impedance cartridge such as HCTR-CO MkII, and the voltage domain in an analog front end system.

When paired with an ultra-low impedance cartridge such as the 0.2 ohm HCTR-CO MkII a high current is generated by small needle motion in the record groove.  Mechanical dynamic motion of the needle and electrical damping of the current loop circuit combine to deliver a balanced system that trace the groove precisely and accurately with ultra low needle pressures of less than 1 gram (even less than 0.5 grams when used with Haniwa’s ThePlayer!).  This combination results in incredible, accurate and detailed sound from your records.

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