Contemporary audio systems distort and blur the originally recorded sound wave form,

due to the lack of accurate control of time at sufficiently high timing resolution.

If the waveforms of two channels are reproduced right at precise timing,

then the sound becomes authentic and breathtakingly real in 3D space.

The striking of a drumhead, the hammering of piano keys,

and the scraping of a violin bow across strings.

The sharp impact of sound at highly accurate timing

make these sounds felt vividly and really existing at right places.

How can this be realized?

By preserving and reproducing the original impact of the sound,

from the deepest bass to the highest harmonics,

together with the highly accurate control of timing and phase shift,

as well as flattening the gain curve in the frequency domain.

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in USA and Canada : KUBOTEK USA, Inc.
                               2 Mount Royal Av., Suite 500, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA
                                    Robert Bean

                                    Phone: +1-508-229-2020


in EU and Australia : KUBOTEK EUROPE, srl
                               Centro Direzionale “Il Maestrale”,

                               S.S. Pasubio 10/H 36030 Costabissara (VI) - Italy

                                    Luca Cariglia

                                    Phone : +39-0444-585556


in Japan and Asia :   KUBOTEK Corporation, Tokyo Office

                               1-3-13 Kanda Izumicho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0024, JAPAN

                                    Yoko Nakamoto

                                    Phone : +81-3-5820-3921


Haniwa’s distinctive difference from the conventional audio systems can be understood best by actually listening to its sound.  So, we offer “TRY-IT-YOURSELF (T.I.Y.)” method, a new and secure way of decision making.